Zeze Peters: Ask Me Anything!

October 8, 2021 Joanna Armas News

Hi, I’m Zeze, founder and CEO of Growvare. My background is in aerospace engineering from Cornell University but I’ve spent the last 15 years building Simple Solutions to complex problems in applied AI, eCommerce, Big Data Systems, and consumer goods for private and Fortune 1000 companies.

I’ve built lots of products whether it’s consumer goods, space robotics, health robotics, and more. But, every time we brought it to the market, we found that marketing was a lot of effort. In fact, I found that advertisers needed 17 steps to create amazing advertising campaigns. Therefore, I decided to bring together a team of overachievers to simplify and automate advertising to make it easier for advertisers everywhere!

Growvare helps advertisers run all of their Search, Social, Video, Display, and Shopping ads from one place on 18 top ad channels – including Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more! Our AI helps you skyrocket your results automatically.

Want to know more about AI and Digital Advertising? Join my upcoming Reddit AMA on Thursday November 4, 2021 at 12 p.m. EST.

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