Top Black Friday Marketing Campaigns of 2022

November 15, 2022 Joanna Armas Digital Marketing

As one of the biggest sales days of the year and the official signal of the holiday season, Black Friday is a customer’s dream come true. Every brand is competing for their customers’ attention so it’s important to stand out. We’ve collected ads from famous brands to take a look at how they’ve charmed their audiences.

Let’s take a look out how some of the Top 20 DTC brands get their audiences riled up for Black Friday and how it can fire up your upcoming campaigns.

Black Friday campaign #1: Mejuri

Why we liked it: 

Mejuri’s only sale of the year is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They go big during their annual sale, offering up to 20% off all their products. The ad is simple, yet elegant similar to their jewelry emphasized in the image featuring their infamous croissant earring. 

Black Friday campaign #2: Sephora 

Why we liked it: 

Sephora offered up to 50% off their bestseller products, which is sure to create excitement for people looking to restock their favourite items or gift to a loved one this holiday season. It’s also a significant discount compared to their competitors. 

Black Friday campaign #3: Furbo

Why we liked it: 

Who doesn’t want to spoil their furry friends from anywhere? Furbo does a great job at making sure your pet is happy and healthy while they’re home alone. The ad pulls at your heartstrings first with a happy dog getting treats sent by their owner then sliding in their discount right above. It even highlights their feature on the Ellen show making it more trustworthy to customers. 

Black Friday campaign #4: Away


Why we liked it: 

Away gets customers thinking with a simple thought provoking question. The luggage company asks customers to recall their last getaway trip, reminding them it might be time to book their next vacation. And what do you need for a trip? Luggage. Their call to action button is conveniently located under their question so you can promptly start preparing for your trip with their luggage easily.

Black Friday campaign #5: 23andMe

Why we liked it: 

23andMe directly showcases their product and offer while keeping it playful. Their DNA testing kit is the ad’s main focal point with a combined offer of 50% off for the entire month of November. The ad utilizes a variation of colour to represent the four different bases found in DNA tieing directly into their brand identity. 

Black Friday campaign #6: FitBit

Why we liked it: 

Calling all Fitness Fanatics: the beloved Fitbit is back with better deals and new products. The brand takes on an ‘Out with the Old, in With the New’ approach. Fitbit excites customers with deals on their newest releases rather than offering a larger discount on their older products. It’s a great way to draw more attention to their newest products and increase sales right before the holidays. 

Black Friday campaign #7: Peloton

Why we liked it: 

Peloton knows how to get people excited about Black Friday. They make it clear that this Black Friday is the best deal you’re going to get from them all year long, with discounts of up to $400 off. They create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Last chance for our best deal of the year” and an offer expiration date, getting customers to purchase right away.

Black Friday campaign #8: Noom

Why we liked it: 

Noom uses a simple approach when it comes to discussing weight loss. With straightforward ads that contain no more than two images, they let their message do the talking. Noom makes it clear that getting the results you want doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Black Friday campaign #9: Casper

Why we liked it: 

It’s clear that big savings is the main event in Casper’s ads. After all, it is Black Friday. Casper puts customers at ease with a great deal including discounts of up to 20% off, $1000 off, and bundle deals. They do a great job of not only featuring their product but how you’ll feel with it – happiness and relaxation.

Black Friday campaign #10:

Why we liked it: 

Quip understands the importance of bundle deals. Not only are you getting their products half off, but you’re getting more than one product! Creating a bundle of dental essentials like toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss, Quip is bound to sell more bundles opposed to single products. 

Black Friday campaign #11: Dollar Shave Club

Why we liked it: 

We can’t talk about DTC without talking about Dollar Shave Club. The brand has continued to make humour a focal point to their marketing campaigns. They love to give their products a pat on the back with references such as “Wow, thats a sexy razor” or “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”. Dollar Shave Club knows how to keep their millions of fans laughing securing them as loyal customers throughout the years.

Black Friday campaign #12: Manscaped

Why we liked it: 

Manscaped makes grooming feel luxurious. With a sleek ad design combining black/metallic colours and complementary images. Manscaped uses feminine appeal to draw customers attention. Most of their ads include a woman showing off the product or gifting it to their partner – making it the perfect gift to buy a loved one. Not only do they seal the deal with 25% off, but free shipping too. 

Black Friday campaign #13: Warby Parker

Why we liked it: 

Warby Parker takes on an interesting approach compared to other DTC brands – free trials. They offer a ‘free’ pair of glasses for Monday-Friday. Customers can take comfort in knowing that they can sample every product before committing to a single pair. Glasses come in different shapes, colours and are suitable for different face shapes; Warby Parker provides comfort to their customers by making it clear that comfort and satisfaction is their first priority. 

Black Friday campaign #14: Bonobos

Why we liked it:

Bonobos gets in the festive spirit early this Black Friday. Knowing that the holidays are around the corner, Bonobos reminds customers to get a head start! Their ads bring on the joyful spirit including festive apparel, presents, and phrases such as “gentlemen, start your sleighs”. Specifying that this only applied for a single weekend made consumers want to act fast, which is one of the objectives of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday campaign #15: Stitch Fix

Why we liked it:

Imagine having a personal stylist that fills your closet with the latest pieces in no time! Stitch Fix replaces time spent looking for new clothes with a simple questionnaire. The ad gives customers an inside look to their subscription boxes revealing an outfit from top to bottom. From stripes, polka dots, knits, jeans, etc. Stitch Fix shows that they have something to meet everyone’s fashion needs. 

 Black Friday campaign #16: Ipsy

Why we liked it:

On a similar note, comes in Ipsy. For those on-the-go or those who want to try out new products, Ipsy curates monthly makeup bags on a subscription basis. Ipsy’s ads feature popular brands you can expect in their glam bags including: First Aid Beauty, Benefit, and Sol de Janeiro. Ipsy emphasizes that they personalize their bags according to your routine. 

Black Friday campaign #17: Glossier

Why we liked it:

Glossier’s annual Black Friday sale is their biggest sale of the year. Glossier lets their discount do the talking with 25% off everything. Sticking to their brand identity, their ad is minimal and modern with only their call to action being highlighted. Their ad also features the latest Glossier sticker that customers can look forward to in their future purchase. 

Black Friday campaign #18: Bark Box

Why we liked it:

Barkbox uses the thanksgiving weekend to get your dog’s favourite toys and treats. The brand keeps their ad playful; featuring plenty of popular dog toys and bright colours. Barkbox does a great job at showcasing their subscription box, not to mention adding the adorable pup testing out their product is a nice touch!

Black Friday campaign #19: Sheertex

Why we liked it:

Sheertex uses the power of their own technology to strengthen their ad. The brand emphasizes ultra durable material in all of their ads. Their ads all contain videos of their tights being pulled or stretched with no damage. If this doesn’t convince you, Sheertex gives you 3 more reasons to shop their tights: they’re long-lasting, a 90 day no-rip guarantee, and 60% off for Black Friday.

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