Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising – Which is Right for You?

May 27, 2021 Joanna Armas Digital Marketing

Traditional advertising is a method we are all familiar with in our day-to-day lives but, the world is becoming more digital everyday. So what does this mean for businesses? Reaching out to customers is NOT the same.

Digital advertising is the norm in today’s world. It helps businesses reach a wider audience, create awareness, and achieve better reach and greater results than ever before. This is why it is so important that you invest in digital advertising.

What are some examples of Traditional Advertising?

What are some examples of Digital Advertising?

Why Should YOU Choose Digital Advertising?

Better Customer Engagement

We know it’s hard to interact with your audience through a newspaper ad. So, instead of waiting on customers to engage, companies try to reach them through digital advertising strategies such as email, digital ads, or social media platforms. This makes it much easier for businesses to communicate with their customers. For example, instant messaging allows for businesses to interact with their customers at any time of day if they are experiencing any problems/issues. Additionally, location tracking allows businesses to reach the right people based on their geographic location to offer rewards, coupons, discounts, etc. 

Measurable Results 

How do you know if your billboard ad was successful? It’s hard to tell. With traditional advertising methods, it can be challenging to measure the success of campaigns. Using digital advertising, it is much easier to view the details of a campaign and adjust them according to the results. Data is a valuable tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing strategy but, 87% of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilized asset. Marketers now have more insights available than ever before. This allows them to create a strategy that is both effective and profitable to their ROI. in fact, “Businesses who use data-driven strategies drive five to eight times as much ROI as businesses who don’t”. 

In 2020, the top usages of data driven marketing were: customer journey mapping, a/b testing, website personalization, and segmentation to reach customers and improve the overall customer experience.

Reach More People

With online advertising, you can reach a variety of different audiences, each with a customized campaign. This method of advertising is more effective than traditional, which typically focuses on reaching a single local or regional audience. Digital advertising allows you to customize your campaigns to reach customers across their regions, countries, specific demographics, and even the device they’re using! 

No Wasted Ad Spend

The cost of digital advertising is way lower than traditional methods. The high cost of printing combined with distributing newspaper and television ads, leaves marketers spending more than they get in return. 

In fact, the profitability of digital advertising delivers a greater return on investment, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. This proves that not only is it more cost-effective, it is also more visible to a wider audience. 

Easy to Share

Have you ever seen a flyer go viral? Probably not. That’s because it’s not likely to happen. If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, digital advertising is the way to go. With Facebook and Youtube being the most popular platforms in the world, creating high-quality content is incredibly important if you want your posts seen by as many people as possible. On the other hand, traditional advertising only allows you to reach a limited number of people and takes longer to execute. 

With the number of people who like/view your posts growing each minute, content that is easily shareable is key to reaching not only your current customers but potential ones too.


Putting an ad in a newspaper or on a billboard can be extremely inconvenient to your customers. With online ads, however, your customers have the ability to decide what they want to see and how they want to see it. Whether it be through blog articles, social media posts, or videos, customers can engage through whichever medium they are most familiar with. 

There is much more choice in advertising now. Customers can consume content according to their preferences instead of the decision solely being made by marketers. This is where digital advertising comes in. 

With online ads and posts, you can reach your customers in a more personal way. Studies show that “36% of consumers say retailers need to do more to offer personalized experiences”. By doing this, it allows for companies to enhance their relationships with their consumers as well as create customer loyalty. Ultimately, Data driven marketing is no longer optional to businesses. It’s necessary to remain competitive and improve customer experiences. 

How can Growvare help YOU? 

Don’t get us wrong, traditional advertising methods are still very popular, but they are becoming increasingly overshadowed by the benefits of digital advertising. At Growvare, we believe in the power of digital advertising and are here to help you get started. Book a meeting with us today to find out more! 


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