7 Ways to Boost Engagement Using Facebook Ads

June 15, 2021 Jananie Chandranathan Digital Marketing

Facebook is used by 1.84 billion users daily. Despite the huge number of people using Facebook, most businesses are not able to reach their desired audience through Facebook ads. People are probably seeing your ads, but not engaging with them. If you are in this situation, the tips below can help you boost your Facebook ads engagement.

Examples of Facebook Ads Engagement Clicking ads Clicking ads

– Clicking Ads

– Liking

– Commenting

– Sharing

Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads Engagement 

1. Recognize your Target Audience

Many businesses fail to define a target audience before creating Facebook ads. In order to receive engagement on your ads, you should be displaying the ads to individuals who have a genuine interest and find value in your company. Remember that you won’t succeed by reaching out to everyone on Facebook. 

Seeing success in your Facebook ads is measured by the number of interest and engagement in the ad rather than the number of views the ad receives. Facebook’s split-testing feature allows you to determine who these interested individuals are through identifying their age, demographic, language, gender and behaviour. These aspects will narrow down your target audience easily.

2. Make Your Ad Meet Your Audience’s Needs 

When creating an ad, your target audience must be the main focal point. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes – people want to see what they’re interested in or find solutions to their problems. 

Therefore, it is important to create an ad that does not boast about your company and products, but rather, explains to your target audience how your products meet their needs. 

3. Use the Ad Objectives 

Facebook ads manager is effective when you are aware of what your goal is. It allows you to reach your ultimate goal by providing various options. 

Choose a specific objective in ads manager to achieve a certain result:

– Raising brand awareness: to show your Facebook ads to individuals who are most likely to recall them.

– Expanding your reach: to help get through to as many people as you can within your target audience

– Increasing traffic: to get your Facebook audience to take action such as giving you a phone call, visiting your website’s landing page, blog page, etc. 

– Increasing video views: to get more views by showing your Facebook ads to individuals who are most likely to watch the video completely or for more than 15 seconds. 

– Increasing the conversion rate: to encourage your target audience to take a certain action on your business’s website. They can add items to their carts, register on your site, call to inquire about your business or make a purchase.

– Boosting engagement: to get people to engage with your Facebook ads through sharing, liking and commenting 

By choosing one of these, you can show your ad to people who are most likely to meet your objective.

4. Ask a Question or Make the Ad Intriguing 

Your ad copy should be compelling, emotional and thought-provoking. Writing your ad copy as a plain sales pitch is not going to work. Instead, make sure to invoke emotional triggers through telling a story, focusing on the benefits instead of the features, and asking your target audience a question in your ad copy. Presenting questions in your Facebook ads would encourage the audience to interact with you in the comment section, as well as increase your click-through rate.

Furthermore, use the noun ‘you’, so that individuals feel like you are prioritizing them rather than making them feel like the 100th person to come across your Facebook ad. This increases brand loyalty and builds closer relationships with your target audience. 

5. Split Test Your Ads

Split testing your ads helps you understand what type of content your target audience prefers. There are many ways you can conduct these tests:

– Creating an ad copy that uses emojis or creating an ad copy that does not use emojis 

– Interchanging the types of products featured in the ads

– Testing different ad types: Video, Carousel, Images, Slideshows, Canvas

– Targeting various types of audiences

You can also analyze the previous posts on your page. For instance, look at the product that got the most likes, shares or comments. Using this information, you can create a similar ad to enhance engagement results.

6. Time Your Ads for Effectiveness 

Timeliness is an important aspect to consider when trying to increase engagement. Posting your ad during the time most users are not active is meaningless. Influencer Marketing Hub states that it is best to post on Wednesdays from 9am to 3pm. Although this is a general tip, the best time frame to post varies for everyone. 

Using the ‘People Engaged’ section on Facebook can also be helpful. This section lets you see when people are most active on your page. You can then post your ads during this time and see better results.

7. Use Strong Images to Grab Your Target Audience’s Attention

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” plays a huge role when it comes to promoting businesses online. A study by Brain Rules reveals that when people hear new information, they only end up remembering 10% of it after three days. However, when they see an image along with that information, people remember 65% of it after three days. 

Using strong visuals encourages people to take action. Most people tend to ignore posts that are text-heavy because they do not have the time, nor want to put in the effort to read. A visual, on the other hand, uses colors and simplicity to instantly grab a person’s attention.

Here are some strong visuals that you could include in your Facebook ads: 

– Videos: Videos are a great way for audiences to retain a lot of information about your business. A video presents information that audiences would not be interested in if they were to read it themselves. There are various types of video content that can be used to engage your target audiences, such as customer testimonial videos, product demonstration videos, content series and how-to videos. 

– Infographics: Infographics are a great way to present your statistics and data in a concise and visually appealing form. For people who prefer simplicity, infographics are helpful for them to easily perceive the information. 

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