How to Prevent These 5 Common Instagram Ads Mistakes

June 14, 2021 Jananie Chandranathan Digital Marketing

The days of using Instagram for personal use only are long gone. Today, Instagram has over 25 million active business accounts creating brand awareness, engaging with customers and driving sales. While some businesses are finding success on this platform, others are struggling to make themselves noticeable. Are you one of these businesses? If so, don’t worry! Take a look at how to avoid these 5 common Instagram ads mistakes to help your business succeed! 

5 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Having No Goal for Your Ad Campaign 

Defining your Instagram ads objectives plays a huge role in the success of your Instagram ads. When creating your Instagram ads you must consider whether its content aligns with your goals. If you fail to determine your objective, you won’t be able to reach an ultimate goal. 

What to do instead? 

Instagram ads objectives vary due to the immense types of brands active on the platform. If your brand is looking to increase engagement, use interactive content to get your audience engaging with your Instagram ads. Likewise, if your brand is aiming to drive conversions, a strong CTA would offer discounts or giveaways.

2. Not Making Use of the Various Ad Formats 

If your brand is only using photo ads, you are not keeping up with today’s trends. Using single image photo ads limits your ability to show more visuals and engage with your audience in a fun and creative way. With the importance of storytelling and getting higher engagement, single photo ads are not ideal.

What to do instead? 

Over the recent years, Instagram has added various other ad formats that can be utilized to your greatest advantage. It is time for you to hop off the boring single photo ads trend and use these popular Instagram ads formats instead: 

3. Not Using Split Tests 

Relying on one ad set prevents you from knowing if you are using the best one, as there will be no other ones to compare it with. This causes you to waste money on an ad set that is not effective for your brand and stops you from noticing what type of ad works well with your target audience. 

What to do instead? 

Experimenting with various ad sets can help determine which one will give you the best outcome. Testing ads with different titles, images, products, ad copy and ad formats will help decide which content resonates best with your target audience. 

4. Not Tracking Your Instagram Ads Performance

You can assume that you created an amazing ad, however, if you do not track your Instagram ads’ performance, you won’t be able to know the actual results. Not analyzing data can affect your brand reputation and the way you spend your budget. 

What to do instead? 

You can use Ads manager to view various Instagram metrics to track the performance of your ads. You can choose which results to analyze based on your objective. For instance, if your aim is to improve your Instagram ads’ engagement, you can analyze the reach and the post engagement data. Moreover, you can also observe the ‘Amount Spent and Cost Per Result’ to analyze how your money is being spent. By analyzing these factors, you can get a good idea on whether you should increase your ad spend or remove the ad. 

5. Using Low-Quality Images 

Instagram is well-known for being a visual platform and because of this, expectations for image quality are high on this platform. In advertising, visual attractiveness plays a major role in how customers perceive your brand. Therefore, choosing low-quality images can cause you to lose a potential customer. People commonly scroll through their feeds, only taking a quick glance at posts or ads that do not interest them. You do not want your ads to be going unnoticed, instead, you want to include high-quality images with powerful visuals in order for people to take action. 

What to do instead? 

Use the best camera you can find to create high-resolution images. This will make your brand look professional. Also, ensure that you use proper lighting for your image. For instance, if you are taking pictures of people, natural lighting is the best option to use. Whenever taking photos, try to shoot from different angles, instead of using only one angle for all of your photos. This way, your images won’t look repetitive, and providing different angled images can portray different perspectives. 

Growvare Can Help You! 

Instagram ads are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience. By avoiding the 5 mistakes mentioned above, you can help your business grow. Growvare monitors your Instagram ad campaign performance 24/7, and optimizes them. Book a meeting with us today to find out more! 

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