6 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube ROI

August 17, 2021 Jananie Chandranathan Digital Marketing

Think YouTube is just for entertainment? Think again! YouTube is the second most visited site in the world and is used by 55% of marketers for video ads. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of this rapidly growing social network and increase your ROI (return on investment)!

 1. Create Campaigns for Mobile Devices

YouTube views are HUGE on mobile! In fact, viewing time on mobile lasts longer than 40 minutes! The platform ranks the highest for the most mobile data traffic in North America by 17.26%. Create vertical video ads targeted for viewers on mobile devices to get more conversion. Vertical video ads automatically adjust to fit the dimension of the screen perfectly- providing a better experience for mobile viewers. 

2. Use a Custom Thumbnail that Captures Your Audience

Customizing the video’s thumbnail helps increase your click-through rate. According to Youtube, 9 out of 10 videos that received the most views use a custom thumbnail. An example of a thumbnail image that sees great results is someone smiling! Smiling instills a sense of comfort and trust, which can increase brand loyalty. Wishpond ran a split-test for a software company with one ad displaying a human with no smile, and another ad with a smile. The smiling thumbnail image resulted in their profits increasing by 10.7%

A visually appealing image is great, but text is also necessary to provide context. For example, posting an image of a sunset silhouette shot as your thumbnail image might look good, but doesn’t provide context. Adding text that says “How to take a Sunset Silhouette Shot Using iPhone 12” would give users a better understanding of what the video is about. 

3. Personalize Your Videos

Targeting audiences through ad settings is one thing, but you should also target them through your content. According to Salesforce, 58% of customers say that personalization is extremely important when deciding whether they should purchase from a company. Let’s say you run an event decor business in California, and you want your video to speak directly to your target audience. You can say “Are you a woman who lives in Los Angeles, California planning for your big wedding day?” This speaks directly to your targeted gender and location, making your video appear more niche. 

4. Use a Strong Call to Action

Call to action plays a significant role in the results of your ads. . A call to action can take many forms – such as asking your viewers to subscribe, buy now, sign up, start a free trial or add to cart. However, a sense of urgency should be created to get your viewers to take these actions. Including phrases in your ads such as  “Limited time”, “Sign Up Now” “Before it’s too late”, “ends on (date)” gets viewers to take immediate action. 

YouTube’s interactive features can also provide a strong call to action:

5. Use Lead Forms for More Conversions

Lead forms are a great way to get more conversions from your ads. They eliminate the need for a user to visit your website in order to convert. YouTube’s lead forms are displayed to YouTube users who view your video. Research by Wistia states that adding a lead form in the first 10-20% of a video resulted in the highest conversion rates. 

To get high click-through rates, start with a compelling introduction that catches the attention of your viewers. This will attract them to learn more about your brand by the time they get to the 10-20% timestamp of your video. 

Then, provide a lead form to get the viewers’ contact information.

6. Retarget Existing Customers

Retargeting is a powerful method that can help you get more conversions. It targets users who have: 

Because the viewer has already engaged with your YouTube ads and is familiar with your brand, there’s a much higher chance of them making a purchase once they’re retargeted. 

We Can Help! 

Now that you’ve learned some tips to get the best results from your YouTube ads- it’s time to put them to use!  Don’t worry about doing it yourself!  With Growvare, publish and optimize your ads to help you reach your target audience on YouTube. Book a meeting with us to find out more! 

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