How to Increase Your Conversion Rate Using YouTube Lead Gen Forms

August 4, 2021 Jananie Chandranathan Digital Marketing

Did you know Youtube gets over 1 billion views per day? Well, Youtube has over 2 billion active global users and is the second-largest search engine after Google! You may be wondering “how do I convert users from YouTube?” You can leverage YouTube forms to increase YouTube conversion rate. 

Before, businesses captured leads by sending users to landing pages. While this method can be great to gain high-quality leads, it is not as effective when targeting those not familiar with your brand. Today, you can capture leads in a cost-effective way by embedding a form within an ad. YouTube lead form ads are one of the top lead forms used by many businesses! 

What is YouTube’s Lead Generation Form Ad? 

YouTube’s lead forms were introduced by Google as in-line form submissions, meaning users can fill out and submit the form without having to leave the platform. This increases conversion rates as users are given a simple process, avoiding a longer click-through method. Using YouTube’s lead forms, you can ask for users’ names, phone numbers, email, city, province, country, company name, job title, work email etc. There are two lead form types offered by YouTube. They are known as: 

Benefits of YouTube’s Lead Generation Form 

YouTube being the second largest search engine, purchasing decisions are regularly made on this platform. Benefits of YouTube lead forms are: 

YouTube Lead Gen Form Best Practices 

Now that you know about Youtube’s lead form benefits, let’s take a look at its best practices. 

1. Introduce Your Lead Form Within the First 10-20% of Your Video

Research by Wistia states that adding a lead gen form in the first 10-20% of a video gave the highest conversion rates. Start with a compelling introduction that catches the attention of your target audience. This will carry them to the 10-20% timestamp of your video. At this time, you would want to display a lead gen form to get your target audience’s emails and other important information about them.

2. Provide Detailed Descriptions

Providing more context in your lead form can give a better understanding to users as to why they should convert. For example, ask users to sign up for a discount code, instead of putting the bland “sign up” caption. Try “Refer a friend by signing up for a 30% discount code to share with them. For every purchase your friends make, you will receive $15 to redeem toward any purchase!” This way, your target audience knows what exactly they are signing up for and the benefits they’ll receive if they fill out your lead form. The more explanations they get, the more likely they are to act, causing your conversion rates to increase. 

3. Target a Specific Audience

Having an ideal target audience in mind helps you spend money effectively and get more results from your lead forms. The more specific your audience is, the more conversions you will see. When targeting a broader audience, people who are not interested in your business will see the lead form as well. Because of this, you will have a small number of people submitting the form. If you want high-quality leads make sure to target a specific audience that you know will benefit from your brand. These individuals will boost your conversion rate. You can narrow your audience by targeting through custom intent, which defines your audience based on individuals who searched for products or services that resonate with your brand. You can also target them based on life events, such as life milestones they are having (college graduation, marriage, birthday) that would spark interest in your business. Other ways are through remarketing lists, similar audiences, customer match, etc. 

4. Include Special Offers

Viewers LOVE freebies, discounts and exclusive offers and if your business includes any of these in your ads, your conversion rate will go skyrocketing. Phrases like “1 DAY ONLY” or “5 DAYS LEFT” “LIMITED TIME” “ENDS ON (date)” “BUY NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE” all create a sense of urgency. This will make the audience aware that they have a limited time to take action and will submit the forms at a faster pace. 

Success Stories 

Now that you’ve learned a few of YouTube lead form’s best practices, let’s take a look at companies that have used and have benefited from this form! 

1. Jeep

Jeep saw a huge increase in their leads after using YouTube’s lead form. Jeep’s Korean branch was the very first company to test out YouTube’s lead form and the result for this company was epic! According to Google, Jeep’s Korea branch saw a ten times increase in their leads and claimed that YouTube’s lead form ads were the most cost-effective way to generate leads compared to the other ad platforms.

2. Toyota

Toyota is a company that has always viewed YouTube as a platform solely for raising awareness and didn’t see the platform as much of a help when it came to getting leads and conversions. Although they were using offline channels, the company immediately realized that they had to change their strategy as they weren’t driving enough leads. Toyota decided to go digital and used YouTube’s lead forms. In under 3 weeks, the company saw a 9% conversion rate and generated 40,000 verifiable leads at a $0.10 cost per lead, which was 50 times less than the other digital campaigns. 

Growvare Can Help You! 

YouTube is a great platform that you need to advertise on! The lead forms are a unique tool to reach customers and acquire leads without disrupting the user experience. With a large number of users active on the platform, you have a GREAT chance of increasing your conversion rate. Growvare can help you make your YouTube ads successful with AI for monitoring and optimizing your ads. Book a meeting with us today to find out more! 

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