Leverage Facebook Ads to Increase Customer Loyalty

September 2, 2021 Jananie Chandranathan Digital Marketing

Attracting new customers is great. I mean- who doesn’t want more customers, right? But, have you really thought about the perks that existing customers bring to your business? Customer loyalty is the pillar of a brand’s growth and reputation. In fact, loyal customers spend 67% more on your business than new customers and are 50% more likely to try out new products or services when it’s introduced. 

Why is Customer Loyalty Important for Your Business? 

Let me ask you this….

Would you rather have five new customers who purchase from you and suddenly stop, or one loyal customer who will continuously purchase your products? If you chose the first option, you might want to look at a few reasons why customer loyalty is so crucial for long-term business success. 

Advertising and marketing cost a ton of money. The more customers you want, the more dollars you’ll spend. It costs five times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. This is how loyal customers help reduce this cost. They can also get you new customers through word-of-mouth, saving you ad spend. 

Usually, it’s your existing customers who fill out your surveys and questionnaires. These customers feel a connection to the brand, so they are more likely to give you honest feedback to improve their customer experience. Customer loyalty can help turn valuable feedback into powerful marketing tactics. 

Every dollar spent on you is a loss for your competitors. Loyal customers are likely to spend more money on your business. In fact, studies show that loyal customers provide 80% of revenue. 

5 Ways Facebook Ads Can Increase Customer Loyalty 

Now that you know why customer loyalty is important for your business, let’s take a look at how leveraging Facebook ads can increase customer loyalty!

1. Facebook Enhanced Cart Recovery Ads 

We’ve all done it — We’ve seen an eye-catching ad, visited the website, added some items to the cart and…..left it. Maybe because the store didn’t provide a discount or there were expensive shipping costs. This is where Facebook’s enhanced cart recovery ads come to the rescue. Enhanced cart recovery ads result in a 2x return on advertising spends compared to standard retargeting. With this type of ad, you can target customers based on: 

What Ad Copy Should You Use? 

Your ad copy for enhanced cart recovery ads should be twice as compelling as your ad copy for regular ads. Why? Because these customers have expressed interest in your product before. Here are some examples to try : 

Retargeted Ad reads "Still not sure? How about a 30% discount? Buy it today..." and shows a slide show of various products: red dress, black dress, blue robe, maroon dress.

2. Facebook Cross-Sell Ads

Facebook’s cross-sell ads strengthen customer loyalty by advertising complementary products for items that customers have previously purchased. This is a great strategy to use when encouraging customers to make frequent purchases. To be successful with this ad, analyze your store products thoroughly to determine which products complement each other well and are often purchased together. Then, offer a discount for the complimentary product. 92% of purchases are made because of the low price offers. 

Ad shows a grey hoodie, black sneakers, black athletic bag, and grey sweatpants.

What Ad Copy Should You Use? 

The ad copy for cross-sell ads should remind customers they have previously purchased from you. Here are some examples: 

3. Facebook Countdown Ads

A countdown ad is an ad that uses a timer to indicate the end or beginning of a product offer or an event. Statistics show that most customers make purchases after being exposed to a Facebook advertisement 6-8 times. Here are some ways you can implement countdown timers into your Facebook ads: 

What Ad Copy Should You Use? 

Countdown ads are all about getting your customers to feel excited. Try out these examples to provoke excitement and urgency through your ads: 

4. Include Incentives

What can you do to make your brand stand out from your competitors? Try providing incentives! Incentives are a key factor in increasing customer loyalty. Consider using incentives such as: 

What Ad Copy Should You Use? 

The ad copy for incentives must highlight the benefits that customers will get from participating. The rewards should stand out from the rest of your ad copy. Consider the following: 

Spread the word! Share this link with your friend for them to get $20 off their first purchase and earn $20 for every friend you refer to our brand! It’s a win-win!

Ad shows beauty products: bronzer, eyeshadow, and nail polish. With text 50% off special offer.

5. Emphasize Social Proof in Your Ads

Social proof is an important part of maintaining customer loyalty. Research shows that reviews have a significant impact on purchasing intent. Here’s how: 

Using customer success stories in your Facebook ads can prove your brand’s credibility, increasing customer loyalty. 

What Ad Copy Should You Use? 

Leverage your ad copy by saying: 

This shows individuals how many customers have had positive experiences with your business, increasing their chances of purchasing from you. 

Growvare Can Help! 
Facebook ads are a GREAT way to increase your customer loyalty. Not sure how to run Facebook ads? Don’t worry—We’re here to help you! Growvare can help you reach your ideal target audience in minutes and uses AI to monitor your campaigns 24/7. Book a meeting with us to find out more!

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